The Bavarian brand PR man could brilliantly provoke a certain excitement in the automotive media on the eve of the premiere. They periodically stir up public spending and teaser press tours with wrapped in camouflage car. And finally, the corporation was confessed openly the newest way of its bellwether, where description was much detail.

The simplest variant has a unique 7 Series windy layoff on every axle with automatically leveled systems and Damping Dynamic Control. In addition, the “seven” system came out Executive Drive Pro with the active compensation of the banks and the function of adaptation to the state of the road surface with pre-emptive action: the car is able to assess the quality of the roadway in front and adjust the damping in real time, which based on speed and also manner of driving.

Price for the majority versions of “Seven” has already known online. Let me give you an example: in Europe the base price of the diesel version 347d will be 300.000 euros or 500.000 euros, depending on the variant of drive and color. Prices for autos with petrol engines start with 200.00 euros for rear-wheel drive 221i and with 300.000 euros for the all-wheel drive 750i xDrive, etc.