BMW stated pricing for an updated model 3 Series, which will arrive in dealerships in September. The most cheap alteration sedan should cost at least 1 500 000 rubles.

New BMW auto models. BMW 325i and BMW 316.

The initial variant got an index 318i after restyling, while update to a basic 3 Series was sold in modification 316i for 1.777 million rubles. Thus, 3 Series became available after the upgrade. Cheapest equipment received three-cylinder 1.5-liter engine produces 136 horsepower. BMW 318i can be equipped with both non-automatic and automatic transmission, while for the 8-step “automatic machine” BMW dealers will be requested a supplement of 121 000 rubles. The latest innovation 318i with automatic transmissions and all the available preferences will cost 1.979.000.000 rubles.

320i variant stays unchanged – it is still equipped with a 2.0-liter overpressure “Quartet” capacity 184 horsepower. Such a BMW will cost from 1.710.000.000 rubles (with the “mechanics”) and about 1.900.000 rubles for the version with automated transmission at least. The analogous modification of the car costed of 1.919.000 rubles before updating. A diesel 3 Series under symbol 320d will cost at least 3.000.560 rubles.